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Q. Is C.A.R.E. an Exchange Company?

 A. No, C.A.R.E. is a non-profit trade association. It is not an exchange company nor does it own or control inventory. Many of our members do own and control inventory and offer that inventory for exchange and/or wholesale rental.  C.A.R.E.'s on-line, password-protected directory and Supplier Search System will help you find not only suppliers of inventory but buyers, exchangers and other providers.

Q. How Can C.A.R.E. Membership Benefit My Company?

A. C.A.R.E. membership benefits companies  in many ways.  Just a few of benefits are:

  • Educational and Networking opportunities at our annual conferences. Instruction offered at our conferences will help your employees better serve your owners or members.
  • C.A.R.E. members abide by an established Code of Standards and Ethics and promote industry standards of excellence.
  • C.A.R.E. helps companies to develop effective yield management and fully utilize their inventory, thus creating additional revenue and exchange opportunities.
  • Travel Clubs, Resort Developers, Management Companies, Exchange Companies, Resort Service Providers, and other companies that have an active interest in the travel industry have found that C.A.R.E.'s diverse membership greatly enhances opportunities available to their companies, owners and members.

Q. Can My Company Join C.A.R.E. if it does not Own or Control Inventory?

 A. Yes! Some companies join C.A.R.E. as a means to secure inventory for their owners and/or members. C.A.R.E. currently offers two types of membership, General and Associate. General Members own or control inventory and Associate Members do not control inventory but have an interest in C.A.R.E. as a means of business enhancement.

Q. How Can My Company Become a C.A.R.E. Member?

A. To become a member, simply complete the membership application, sign the Code of Standards and Ethics and submit the annual membership fee. Completed applications are reviewed and are approved or denied by C.A.R.E.'s Board of Directors and are normally processed within thirty days.

Q. Are C.A.R.E. Members Required to Conduct Business with all C.A.R.E. Members?

A. No, each C.A.R.E. member company will determine which business alliances will be in their best interests.  Although information is offered through C.A.R.E. regarding suggested business practices, each member company should establish its own guidelines and procedures for advertising, promoting and pricing available inventory, methods for seeking fulfillment of specific vacation requests, offering, assignments or acceptance of inventory as well as payment procedures.