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Accreditation Information
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The C.A.R.E. Accreditation Program is offered to foster education, encourage participation and increase member retention.  The program is offered at no additional cost to C.A.R.E. member representatives and provides an excellent opportunity for education and contribution to C.A.R.E.  The program is based on three levels of achievement. Predetermined point levels are accumulated to attain recognition for each level.

If YOU want to get the most out of YOUR C.A.R.E. Membership, learn about C.A.R.E. and participate in the Accreditation Program!


Testing material is derived from the C.A.R.E. Code of Standards and Ethics, Bylaws for the Regulation of the Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers and Strategic Plan.

Length of Service:  Any C.A.R.E. member representative can take the multiple choice test, the no matter the length of C.A.R.E. membership.  Many new C.A.R.E. member representatives participate during their very first conference.

Recognition: Certificate of Achievement and award of 25 points

Study Guide: Download your Accreditation Level One - Qualification Study Guide HERE.



Receive points for conference attendance, participation on panels or speaking at conferences, participation on committees, attendance at conference sessions, publication of articles for Connections Magazine or QuickConnects, volunteering to work at a C.A.R.E. trade show for a minimum of four hours and/or presentation and selection of a conference site proposal.

Length of Service: C.A.R.E. member representative for a minimum of one year.

Recognition: C.A.R.E. member representatives that have achieved Level II Accreditation will receive the designation of C.C.P. (Certified C.A.R.E. Professional) and Level II pin and Certificate of Achievement upon accumulation of 80 points (includes 25 points from Level I).  This designation may be noted on business cards and resumes.Your 2019 Conference Accreditation Points verification form is HERE



Present a proposal for a program that will enhance C.A.R.E., benefit its membership or promote C.A.R.E. within the vacation industry.

Process: Proposal should be submitted to the Accreditation Review Board.  Once the Review Board has determined that the proposal can be implemented  and is advantageous to the membership and organization, the proposal will be presented to the C.A.R.E. Board of Directors for consideration.  Upon approval and once the program has been implemented, the final 20 points will be awarded.  Programs that have been implemented prior to consideration by the Accreditation Review Board and Board of Directors are not eligible for consideration.

Recognition: C.A.R.E. member representatives that have achieved Level III Accreditation will receive the designation of C.A.R.E. Master Professional (CMP) and receive Level III pin and Certificate of Achievement. This designation may be noted on business cards and resumes.